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We are committed to utilizing evidence-based, data-driven approaches to mental health treatment, consultation, and assessment services. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing compassionate, discreet, and solution-oriented care, utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve optimal outcomes.


At times, ethical and legal considerations can get almost as complicated as the initial problem. That is why we strive to educate our patients and clients throughout the process, and maintain open communication about progression toward the established goals.

We believe mental health services should be accessible and affordable to everyone.  For that reason we take several major insurances, and have built in the ability to provide temporary services at significantly reduced cost. We do not use a sliding scale, or assign lower fee clients to interns or specific providers.


Our patients and clients all receive equivalent levels of compassion, expertise, and discretion.  While you will have an assigned clinician or consultant, we operate as a team to provide the best quality of service and to provide all staff and providers with excellent work-life balance.

Please click on any of the options below to learn more details about our services.

Therapy and Treatment

We believe in the power of human connection and the importance of personal growth. Our therapy approach is collaborative and holistic, focusing on the unique needs and strengths of each person we work with. Let us guide you on your journey to wellness.

Business Services

Invest in your business and your employees with our workplace wellness strategies, risk/threat evaluation and management, and critical incident response.  We also have specific programs to help develop peer support to mitigate suicide risk related to specific occupational stressors and environments.

Forensic Services

Our forensic evaluation and consultation service offers testing, report writing, and court testimony, as well as consultation services with an attorney. Let us help you navigate the intersection of psychology and the legal system with confidence. 

Professional Services

Looking for support in your academic or professional journey? Our coaching, consultation, and supervision service offers dissertation coaching, assistance with statistics and data, supervision for licensure hours, program development, and peer consultation to help you succeed and thrive.

Insights and Tools

Our tailored approach to consultation and therapy involves identifying the unique needs and goals of each individual or client, and creating personalized solutions that integrate evidence-based practices and the latest research. We strive to provide a supportive and collaborative environment that empowers individuals and businesses to achieve focused and meaningful outcomes.

A Look Behind the Curtain

Pop over to read about the inner workings of a private practice, thoughts on ethics, standards of care, resources for professionals and for clients. This eclectic space touches on subject material important to businesses, individuals, public safety, practitioners, students, and researchers. Life is complicated, pick a heading and get your compass ready.

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